How to increase memory limit and upload limit from cpanel

Image upload errors in WordPress can be very frustrating!

Some of the most common include memory limit exhaustedimage size exceeds upload limit, and a general http error.

Thankfully the majority of these can be solved without having to make any edits to the code of your website.

Increase PHP Limits

The first step to troubleshooting these errors is to login to cPanel and increase your PHP limits.

You can do this by going to cPanel-> Select PHP Version -> Switch To PHP Options:

Personally, I like to set my memory_limit to at least 128M, my post_max_size to at least 32M, and my upload_max_filesize to at least 32M.

You can go higher, but most of the time these will solve 99% of the upload issues you’re having.

  • increase memory limit and upload limit
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